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Tips to prevent break-ins

Tips On How To Prevent a Break-In | Aurora Locksmith

Home burglaries happen frequently, so it’s smart to make sure you and your place of residency are protected. Obviously, not all home intrusions can be prevented. However, there are some helpful tips to prevent break-ins.

Lock and shut doors and windows

As simple as it sounds, a lot of home burglaries take place because the homeowner failed to shut a window, lock a door, close a garage door, or lock up. If you have keyless entry systems, change the codes regularly, and use them.

 Break-InCurb appeal

The first thing you noticed when you bought your house was probably its curb appeal. This is what you notice from the street before you enter the home. A would-be burglar notices the same thing, only they are looking for the easiest homes to break into. To avert this, start with the landscaping and lighting. Keep bushes trimmed, especially if they could block the view allowing time for a crook to pick a lock. Also, make sure your premises are well lit especially lighting up dark corners. Additionally, make sure all ladders or tools that would assist in breaking in are stored out of sight and in a locked shed or inside the garage.

Stay out of site

Keep large, expensive items out of sight of windows. Don’t leave drapes open for onlookers to peer in and see a large-screen television, for instance, or to get a glimpse of the layout of your home.

Keep personal items, such as passports or financial documents, safely stored out of sight and tucked away inside a fireproof safe or a safety deposit box. Make sure your lockboxes or safes are hidden and properly bolted to floorboards.

Don’t advertise a vacant house 

Don’t talk about vacations or details about when you will be out of town in public or on social media. When you are planning on being gone for a lengthy amount of time, set up timers for lights and televisions or radios to make your home looked lived in while you’re away. You might even want to set up areas with remote access using smartphone apps and security cameras and alarms.

Security matters

Take added measures of security by making sure you not only have locks on main entrances but that you also have sturdy doors and deadbolt locks. Windows that are easily accessible should have a shutter lock or other type of window lock and an alarm on them. If you have pet doors, install locks on them as well. It doesn’t hurt to add a camera doorbell and a security system of your choice for added confidence and assurance against break-ins.

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