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Best lock brands

The very purpose for installing a lock is for security. You want safety and protection for you, your family, or your employees. Or, you have valuable items you need to keep secure. Chances are, that both factors come into play when you are looking for the best lock brands for maintaining the utmost in security and protection.

Obviously, you will notice how a lock works, its unique features, as well as overall cost. However, the most important qualities to look for in a lock is security features. A few lock brands stand out as being the best in terms of quality and performance, which in turn provide you with a sense of security. Following are some pointers on features to look for when selecting the best locks brands available.


In the United States, locks are graded on a system referred to as ANSI. The letters stand for The American National Standards Institute. ANSI has established three grades for door locks in an effort to identify the quality and durability of lock sets and deadbolts. Each lock has to pass tests, including operational and security rigors. These tests are comprised of cycles, door strikes, and weight tests.

  • Grade 1 – the best and highest grade security available.
  • Grade 2 – better than good.
  • Grade – is considered good.


The highest level of security for residential doors comes in the form of a deadbolt. The name is derived from the fact that they do not contain a spring, so it is considered to be, “dead”. A deadbolt contains either a single-cylinder operated with a key from the outside only with a turn button on the inside or has a double-cylinder that has a key to unlock both sides. The latter is highly secure but can pose a threat to safety when a fast emergency exit becomes necessary, such as in the case of a fire.

Some of the most well-known and trusted best lock brands include:


Find locking systems that are industrial environment ready. Adams-Rite locks offer an electrified strike and latch, eLatch, and electronic door locking systems to provide you with a high level of security as well as control that is easy to use.


When you want a brand that focuses on security with professional grade engineering while keeping it affordable, Arrow is one to consider. These locks are designed expressly for security professionals and are often used in libraries, universities, and other schools.


Available at several home improvement stores, Baldwin is a trusted brand is of good quality. The Baldwin locks are made to be strong to last with solid construction that is thick enough to withstand bumping attempts. Baldwin also designs the locks with style in mind. They offer traditional and contemporary hardware options that are designed to look great with your home or office without forfeiting any security features. They offer knobs locks, key-less entry options, levers, pocket door locks, and of course, deadbolts.


Known for strength and durability, Corbin-Russwin locks work well with commercial grade facilities and schools as well as other high traffic institutions. Corbin-Russwin locks are also considered easy to service and to replace.


High-level security buildings, such as the White House, Pentagon, and prisons often use Falcon locks. This lock brand focuses on functionality. Falcon brand locks offer touch-bar exit locks and automatic door locks.


Kwikset brand locks can be found on almost every locked door in America. Find SmartKey technology that allows the owner to re-key the lock, which makes it quite attractive as a lock brand option for rental properties and businesses that need to change locks often. However, it also makes them the easiest style of a lock to bump open. The standard Kwikset lock is among the lowest cost among lock brands.


Medeco offers an E cylinder as well as wireless locking systems. This brand of security locks is highly trusted. Medeco offers ten locking systems that claim to be environmentally friendly CEF Certified Environmental Facts multi-attribute certification.


Mul-T-Lock lock brand is highly trusted due to its strength. The silhouette’s bicep flex design creates a very secure lock that makes it difficult to pick.

RR Brink 

This brand is the most trusted brand of lock and is a large mortise cylinder lock. RR Brink is used in high-security environments, such as prisons.


Considered as a very secure lock, Sargent brand locks are used in hospitals, schools, and other high traffic buildings that also require high levels of security. In addition to the typical key entry, Sargent offers a key-less entry, key fobs, and keypad locking systems.


A common brand, well known among professional locksmiths, Schlage offers both key-less entries and keyed lock options. Schlage locks brand is a leader in the industry and is known for their lock security solutions for home and office.


The Yale name is often synonymous with quality when it comes to locks. All pin tumbler style locks stem from the work and design of Linus Yale, Jr. and Henry R. Towne. Yale locks are constructed with the utmost in craftsmanship and quality, often offering two or more spool pins.

When it comes to your home or office security, don’t mess around. Talk with a trusted and knowledgeable professional locksmith today who will be able to recommend the best lock brands for your residential or commercial needs. For peace of mind, have the best lock brands installed on your doors today.

Kwikset VS Schlage

When it’s time to choose new locks or to know whether or not your existing locks may be re-keyed, it’s important to understand each brand’s features. Among the most common keyway locks on the market in the United States are Schlage and Kwikset. When it comes to Kwikset vs Schlage, what is the differences and advantages between the two?


Both the Schlage and the Kwikset locks are made with a quality that is suitable for residential use. For commercial use, it is recommended that only Schlage be used.

Screw Size

The screws that hold the lock in place are much thicker and large on the Schlage as compared to a thinner screw on the Kwikset locks.


The deadbolt is made of steel on the Schlage, while the Kwikset is made of aluminum.

Lock Housing

The metal housing grabs the pins and makes it easier to bump and pick a Kwikset more than the all brass Schlage. The Schlage has a brass body, and all of the pins are brass which makes it more difficult to pick.

Tolerances is another consideration. The Schlage has less movement because it is more of a precision machine lock. Schlage has an anti-drill plate so that conventional drill bits cannot drill through them. Aluminum is easier to drill out than brass as well, so the Schlage is more secure.

The Schlage also has an interlocking piece that prevents twisting or overpowering of the lock. The Kwikset does not have that option. You are relying solely on the screws.


Most of the Schlage locks tend to be more expensive than the Kwikset locks.

Key Duplicating

Both are able to be duplicated with a copy of the key made at any hardware store.


Both a Schlage and a Kwikset lock may be re-keyed as often as you need by changing the interchangeable core cylinder. Kwikset tends to be the best option for residential properties, while the Schlage locks are the best option for commercial property.

Switching from Schlage to Kwikset or from Kwikset to Schlage

If the purpose of your re-key service is to change the inner core of your lock from a Schlage to a Kwikset or from a Kwikset to a Schlage, while leaving the outer brand intact, you will need to know what will work. Generally speaking, you cannot re-key a Schlage lock with a Kwikset inner core cylinder, but you can change the lock cylinder from a Schlage to a Kwikset with the services of a professional locksmith.


The Schlage offers a full solid body. The Kwikset has no webbing and has a little material as possible to save money. Both locks have designs that will fit well with a variety of doors and architecture as well as your lifestyle preferences. Kwikset locks, however, offer more in the way of colors, shapes, and overall design options.


Both the Schlage and the Kwikset locks have a reputation for long-time durability. All locks are going to eventually wear out, rust, or break. However, both the Schlage and the Kwikset brands tend to hold up for years. It is not unheard of to see the same locks still functioning well on doors after 20+ years of use. It is safe to assume that these locks will last a lifetime.

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When Should You Change Your Locks

Locks Change

The key to keeping you safe is to have multiple layers of protection that first of all make your home uninteresting to would-be thieves, and secondly stop them in their tracks if they attempt a break-in. Sometimes this means getting a lock change. One of the main components to this safety layer is your lock and key. Ideally, your keys are what welcomes or deters access to your home. It’s a very important initial barrier that keeps out unwanted visitors.

Use Your Lock

Of course, the first step is to actually use your locks. 36 percent of unwanted and unlawful entries to homes occur through an unlocked or open door. A little more than six percent of these unlawful entries are done by someone who has a key to your lock.

A complete locks change is not usually your first option. It’s probably something you thought you wouldn’t want to make a habit of, because of the expense and inconvenience. However, there are situations that make it necessary when changing your locks is your best option. These moments that make a locks change imperative include:

Losing Your Keys

Losing your keys may very well be the main reason that people seek a locksmith to change their locks. When your keys are lost, you do not know if they are in the hands of someone you trust or the hands of a would-be burglar or someone looking to take advantage of your predicament to gain access to your home. For security and peace of mind, a locks change is your best solution. If you are prone to losing your keys, it may be a good time to consider switching out to a key-less entry system. If you lost your keys call Aurora Locksmith for locks change or lock rekeying now!


Moving - Change Locks - Auroa LocksmithAnother main reason people need a lock change is when they move their place of residence or business. Unless you built the home or building yourself with brand new locks on every door, you just don’t know for sure who has access to a key. Chances are high that the former occupant still has a copy of the key somewhere or had given a duplicate key to a neighbor and forgot to ask for it back when they sold the house or moved out of an apartment, condo or office space. The best solution is to start fresh with new locks. It is also a good idea to get new locks and keys whenever you change roommates, employees, or going through a divorce or separation. It’s better to not take chances, but rather take steps to make sure you are certain who has access to your premises.

Duplicate Keys

Any time you hand your key over to someone and don’t receive them back, it’s time to start fresh with new locks. Sometimes, people give a spare key to the people who service the home or to repairmen. This may not be an issue with many trusted professional personnel, but if this confidence is ever questioned, your best bet is to change the locks to retain safety in your home.

Worn Out Locks

Locks have many moving parts inside, and they will not last forever. Because they are often exposed to outside weather elements, they begin to rust or become tarnished. All of this wear and tear may begin to threaten the integrity of the lock. If you notice that the key is difficult to turn or there is excessive rust or tarnishing on the lock, it’s time to replace it with a locks change.

Burglary, Attempted Burglary, or Nearby Burglary Threats In Your Neighborhood

If you are the victim of a break-in, an attempted break-in, or there are burglaries in your area, it is a good idea to change your locks. When there was an attempted break-in to your home, there was probably force used in an attempt to kick in the door and break the lock. If this is the case, the lock has been compromised, and its ability to keep you safe is in jeopardy. If someone was successful in a break-in attempt, they now have inside knowledge of the layout of your home and your home’s locks and security system. It’s very important in these cases that you change your locks.


Anyone who has anything of value in their home or office, regardless of whether or not they have experienced any of the above reasons for a locks change, is advised to be proactive on the side of protection and security, and change their locks every few years. It’s just the smart thing to do.

Keep Up With Technology And Lock Safety Trends

Even if you are certain that you are the only one with a key to your locks, and even if you have never experienced a burglary or break-in threat, it’s important to make sure your locks are up-to-date. Not only do locks tend to wear out naturally over time, but older locks become easier to pick. The ingenuity and technology behind locks are constantly changing to keep up with the minds of criminals who may threaten your security. To be certain your home or business is kept in the utmost safest environment, it’s a good idea to consider a locks change to stay on top of safety trends.

When it’s time for new locks at your home or business, the fastest and most efficient way to get it done is to have a locksmith handle it. Call on the help of a professional locksmith Aurora CO to come to you for your locks change and to recommend the best brand and type of lock for your personal needs.

When you need your locks change or locks rekeying give Aurora Locksmith a call at (720) 634-9366. We are a quick and affordable mobile locksmith in Aurora CO for all of your locks and locksmith needs!