Kwikset VS Schlage

When it’s time to choose new locks or to know whether or not your existing locks may be re-keyed, it’s important to understand each brand’s features. Among the most common keyway locks on the market in the United States are Schlage and Kwikset. When it comes to Kwikset vs Schlage, what is the differences and advantages between the two?


Both the Schlage and the Kwikset locks are made with a quality that is suitable for residential use. For commercial use, it is recommended that only Schlage be used.

Screw Size

The screws that hold the lock in place are much thicker and large on the Schlage as compared to a thinner screw on the Kwikset locks.


The deadbolt is made of steel on the Schlage, while the Kwikset is made of aluminum.

Lock Housing

The metal housing grabs the pins and makes it easier to bump and pick a Kwikset more than the all brass Schlage. The Schlage has a brass body, and all of the pins are brass which makes it more difficult to pick.

Tolerances is another consideration. The Schlage has less movement because it is more of a precision machine lock. Schlage has an anti-drill plate so that conventional drill bits cannot drill through them. Aluminum is easier to drill out than brass as well, so the Schlage is more secure.

The Schlage also has an interlocking piece that prevents twisting or overpowering of the lock. The Kwikset does not have that option. You are relying solely on the screws.


Most of the Schlage locks tend to be more expensive than the Kwikset locks.

Key Duplicating

Both are able to be duplicated with a copy of the key made at any hardware store.


Both a Schlage and a Kwikset lock may be re-keyed as often as you need by changing the interchangeable core cylinder. Kwikset tends to be the best option for residential properties, while the Schlage locks are the best option for commercial property.

Switching from Schlage to Kwikset or from Kwikset to Schlage

If the purpose of your re-key service is to change the inner core of your lock from a Schlage to a Kwikset or from a Kwikset to a Schlage, while leaving the outer brand intact, you will need to know what will work. Generally speaking, you cannot re-key a Schlage lock with a Kwikset inner core cylinder, but you can change the lock cylinder from a Schlage to a Kwikset with the services of a professional locksmith.


The Schlage offers a full solid body. The Kwikset has no webbing and has a little material as possible to save money. Both locks have designs that will fit well with a variety of doors and architecture as well as your lifestyle preferences. Kwikset locks, however, offer more in the way of colors, shapes, and overall design options.


Both the Schlage and the Kwikset locks have a reputation for long-time durability. All locks are going to eventually wear out, rust, or break. However, both the Schlage and the Kwikset brands tend to hold up for years. It is not unheard of to see the same locks still functioning well on doors after 20+ years of use. It is safe to assume that these locks will last a lifetime.