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Mailbox Lock Change

What Is A Mailbox Lock, And Why Do I Need a Mailbox Lock Change?

Occasionally, a private resident will install a mailbox lock for added security, but they usually are present on community mailboxes. When you live in an apartment, condominium or neighborhood with community mailboxes, all of the mail for you and for your neighbors is delivered to one central location where you find several individual mailboxes conveniently located all in one spot. Instead of receiving your mail directly through a mail slot in your door or in a mailbox outside your front door, you are assigned one specific mailbox within the central community mailbox location.

When the mail carrier delivers the mail, he or she does so for the entire neighborhood, apartment complex, or condominium all at once depositing each individual’s mail within their specific boxes. When your mail is delivered in this manner, it’s important to keep it under lock and key until you come to retrieve it.

Common Reasons To Need A Mailbox Lock Change

Lost Your Keys

If you cannot find your keys and are not sure if they will be found and are not confident you know they are not in the hands of a stranger or potential crook, it’s time for a mailbox lock change. For security and peace of mind, change out the locks and start fresh.

Malfunctioning Lock

When the mailbox lock stops working properly, it needs to either be repaired or changed out entirely. Since community mailboxes are usually located in a central location that is outside, they tend to have to endure some tough weather conditions. From extreme temperatures to rain, snow, or even just daily sunshine, the locks begin to show wear.

Moving In Or Out

If you recently moved into the neighborhood, apartment, or condo with the community mailboxes or are moving out, it’s time to begin with or leave the new owners with a brand new lock on the mailbox. You don’t want strangers having access to your personal mail and parcels.

How Do I Get Mailbox Lock Change Services?

Since mailboxes are protected under Federal Law, only specific people are allowed to use your mailbox. No one is supposed to tamper with it unless they have been given your approval as the owner of the mailbox. Some community mailboxes are owned by the U.S. Postal Service while others are owned by your Home Owners Association, or condominium or apartment complex. Both allow a professional locksmith to service them provided you show proof of residence and identification before the locksmith begins his or her work on the mailbox lock change.

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