Locks Change Or Rekey? Aurora Locksmith
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Locks Change Or Rekey?

Does Your Lock Need to Be Replaced or rekeyed?

Locks on your exterior doors is what helps to keep you safe from possible intruders or burglars, so when it’s important to make sure they are always in top-notch, working condition. How do you know if your lock needs to be replaced or fixed?

Locks Change

An all out change of your locks may be necessary if your locks are old or out dated or if there has been an attempted break-in by force or destruction. Even if an intruder was not successful at kicking in your lock, thieves often return for a second attempt knowing they have weakened the lock with their first attempt. The second time, they are often successful at gaining entry.

If the door had a glass panel that can be broken to reach around to the turn the lock, it’s time to replace that lock with one that provides a key insert on both sides.

If your door has been forced open by kicking, it’s time to get a more solid strike plate.

If the bolt has been sawed through or tampered with, it’s time to get a lock with a bigger or more solid bolt.

You have a variety of locks to choose from, but exterior door locks should always include some form of dead bolt to make them more secure. Dead bolts come in the basic style that most people are familiar with, and there are vertical dead bolts or drop bolts as well. The drop bolt is frequently used with electronic digital systems and has interlocking leaves like a door hinge. When it is closed, the locking pins drop down the holes provided in the strike making them virtually impossible to pick or jimmy loose.

 Locks Re-Keying 

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get new keys is re-key. Re-keying is only an option for locks that are otherwise in good condition. Re-keying your locks is always a great option and really a necessary step in security when you move into a new place or if there are keys floating around in the hands of those you don’t know or don’t trust. In a re-keying, the locksmith changes the inside tumbler or wafer configuration of the part of the lock that receives the key. He or she will have to take apart and reassemble the entire lock, but will only be changing and replacing the inside to make it impossible for the old keys to work. You will receive a new set of keys. The option is less expensive than an all out locks change replacement.

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